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Research - Planning - Consultancy

Kutvan Consulting was founded in Istanbul and London in 1991 to provide research, planning and management consultancy services to various national and international business and public organizations worldwide.


  • Strategic Planning & Management Consultancy

  • Company Formations and Management Development

  • Innovation Management with TRIZ

  • Regional Development

  • Feasibility Studies and Investment Planning

  • Work Process Re-designing

  • The Study of Organizational Culture and Development

  • Research Studies

  • Creating Marketing Strategies

  • Top Management Training

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At the Statistics Workshop in 2012, the research is about data collection, data analysis, research and education services. It provides more than 4500 links, as many as used for the science environment and business environment within the center of statistical science.

Planning the survey and data collection for the purpose of the research, completing it with the survey application, investigating the achieved targets with large-scale data analysis and reporting the results, estimated completion plan.

In data analysis, regression methods, engineering applications modeling, clustering analysis, comparison tests, analysis techniques such as relationship, comparison tests, simulation can be done.