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, Decoration Sector’s Portal, Fashion Sector’s Portal


Savorana Yacht, Institutional Web Site


Customer Management Center, Institutional Web Site


Sabah (Newspaper), Newspaper Portal


Barış Manço Interactive, Portal


Binicilik Interactive, Riding Portal


Altınbaş Holding A.Ş, Institutional Web Site


Anel Electronics LIMITED COMPANY, Institutional Web Site


Zanzibar, Institutional Web Site


Demeter Ltd, Institutional Web Site


Toro Furniture, Institutional Web Site


Marmara University- Faculty of Fine Arts, Institutional Web Site


Design on Discussion, Web Site


Fairy Tails and Palaces, Web Site


Ak Internet A.Ş, B2b Electronics Trade Portal, E-Learning Project


Savorana Yacht, Presentation Vcd


Ankara Chamber of Industry, Practical data for Indusrial Sector, E-Learning Project


Turkish Sectorial Information Solutions, CD-ROM


Ankara Chamber of Industry, Exporters’Guide, Database Study


Ankara Chamber of Industry, 1. Planned Location, 1999 CD-ROM


Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, Data Management Project, CD-ROM


Tüsiad, Interactive Institutional History Study, CD-ROM


Gök Construction A.Ş, Institutional Web Site, CD-ROM


Learning Internet by Barış Manço from 7 to 77, E-Learning Project


Deva Holding A.Ş, Cefaks Pharmaceutical Presentation Project, CD-ROM


Index'95 Periodical Issues Database Project, CD-ROM


City of Ankara and Ankara Chamber of Industry 1998 Data Management Project


Three Generations of the Republic, 75th Celebrations of the Republic, CD-ROM


Maçka Art Gallery, Institutional History Study, CD-ROM


Anel Electronics Ltd, Institutional Presentation, Digicard


Deniz Yacht A.Ş, Institutional Presentation, CD-ROM and Video


Ege Portföy A.Ş, Institutional Presentation, Digicard


Maison Française Homes, CD-ROM


Yapı Periodical, Database Study


Sabah (Newspaper), Multivision


Ankara Chamber of Industry, Meeting of the Businessmen of the Year, Multivision


Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, Multivision


Authentic House, Multivision


Dekoweb.Com, Multivision


Marmara University- Faculty of Fine Arts, Multivision


Ak Internet Joint-Stock Company, Self Running Presentation


Bristol-Myers Squiibb Pharma Joint-Stock Company Institutional Vcd


Freşa, Institutional Web Site


Süreyya Hairdresser, Web Site


Çağırgan Insurance Company, Web Site


Kule Furniture, Web Site


Siteco, Institutional Presentation CD-ROM


Balıkesir Chamber of Industry


















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