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Balanced Scorecard Software: Your Strategic Management Companion

KUTVAN BSC is an innovative management tool designed to provide a comprehensive overview of your company's performance. With its powerful features, it enables businesses to align their strategies with their goals and effectively monitor key performance indicators (KPIs).

SWOT Analysis: Unlocking Potential and Identifying Challenges


The SWOT analysis feature of KUTVAN BSC allows you to identify your company's Strengths, which can be leveraged to achieve success.


By understanding your company's Opportunities, you can capitalize on them and drive growth.


The SWOT analysis also helps you identify your company's Weaknesses, so you can create strategies to address them.


The SWOT analysis also helps you identify Threats to your business, so you can develop strategies to mitigate them.


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PESTEL Analysis: Navigating the Business Environment

  • Explanation: PESTEL analysis is a framework for analyzing the external macro-environmental factors that impact an organization.
  • Kutvan Balanced Scorecard streamlines PESTEL analysis by providing structured frameworks and data visualization tools for analyzing political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors

Risk Analysis: Safeguarding Your Business

Identify Risks

Risk analysis in KUTVAN BSC helps you identify potential risks to your business.

Assess Impact

The risk analysis feature also helps you assess the potential impact of these risks on your business.

Ensure Longevity


Make Informed Decisions

Understanding and managing risks is crucial for the longevity and prosperity of your company.
Risk analysis enables you to make informed decisions that safeguard your business.
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Strategy Map: Visualizing Your Path to Victory

Strategy Map

The strategy map feature of KUTVAN BSC provides a visual representation of your company's strategic objectives and the cause-and-effect relationships between them.

Effective Communication

This powerful tool helps you communicate your strategy effectively to your team, ensuring everyone is on the same page and working towards the same objectives.


By aligning your team's efforts, you can drive success and growth for your business.
At Kutvan Balanced Scorecard, we understand the importance of equipping our clients with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize our software. That's why we partner with IMTI (Innoation Management and TRIZ), a leading training provider specializing in strategic management solutions. Through IMTI, we offer comprehensive training programs designed to empower organizations in leveraging the full potential of Kutvan Balanced Scorecard software.

Get Started with IMTI Training

Ready to unlock the full potential of Kutvan Balanced Scorecard software? Contact us today to learn more about our training programs offered through IMTI and take the first step towards strategic excellence.


   KPI Management

  • Define and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that measure progress towards strategic objectives.

  • Set targets and benchmarks for each KPI to monitor performance against desired outcomes.

     Strategy Mapping

  • Create visual representations of your organization's strategic objectives, initiatives, and action plans.

  • Define relationships between objectives and align them with the organization's mission and vision

 Meeting Management


Set up meeting invites, create agendas, tag projects to be reviewed and discussed, add attachments, and send out meeting invites to attendees

Collaboration Tools

  • Facilitate communication and collaboration among teams and departments by sharing goals and progress updates.

  • Assign tasks and responsibilities to individuals or teams to ensure accountability.

Data Integration

Seamlessly integrate data from multiple sources, such as internal systems and external databases.Consolidate data for comprehensive performance measurement and analysis.

Swot | Pestel | Risk
Action Management

Utilize SWOT and PESTEL analysis to inform strategic decisions.

Join the Ranks of Successful Companies                  with KUTVAN BSC

  • Achieve Excellence in Execution
  • Drive Your Business to New Heights
  • The Future of Strategic Management is Here

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