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As a new division of the company, Kutvan Tourism and Hospitality Development provides different servıces showed below:

  1. Tourism Strategic Development Planning (in Regional and National Level, Different Tourism Types)

  2. Investment Planning (Public, Private, and PPP)

  3. Tourism Researches (Qualitative and Quantitive)

The projects designed and implemented by Kutvan Group:

  • “Regional Strategic Plan for Tourism / The Ministry of Culture and Tourism” / Azerbaijan;

  • “Modeling, Designing, and Management System of Beach Tourism in Azerbaijan”, The Project of Development Beach Tourism in Azerbaijan, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism / Azerbaijan;

  • “Cluster-Based Regional Development Strategies and Sectoral Analysis in Khachmaz Regıon” / Azerbaijan;

  • “Investment Planning Project for Hotel Complex”, Guba, Shaki, MACARA Tourism and Hospitality / Azerbaijan;

  • “Planning of Tourism Investment Project”, Guba Region / Azerbaijan;

  •  “Investment Planning Project”, Oğuz Wine Factory and Tourism /  Azerbaijan

  • “Planning Project for Gusar Region as a Centre of Tourism Attractiveness”, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism / Azerbaijan;

  • “Preliminary Project of Urban Design Regarding the Nargin Island (Caspian Sea)”, The Ministry of Culture and Tourism / Azerbaijan;

  • “IT solutions in the Tourism Sector”, Workshop / Turkey;

  • “Investment Planning Project”, NETSEL Marmaris Marina / Turkey;

  • “Investment Planning Project”, Fethiye Aksazlar Marina / Turkey;

  • “Investment Planning Project”, Golf Tourism Complex, Antalya / Turkey;

  • “Urban Strategic Development Plan”, Burdur / Turkey;

  • “Urban Strategic Development Plan”, Gazi Antep / Turkey;

  • “Urban Strategic Development Plan”, Balıkesir / Turkey;

  • “Antalya City Catalog”, Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry / Turkey;

  • “National Strategic Plan for Tourism (Georgia)”, Research Project Proposal / Georgia;

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