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Management and Organizational Development


In general, organization is the arrangement of all the activities and the equipments of the companies in the process of achieving their determined purposes at the minimum cost with the maximum productivity. Business organizations come across with serious problems and suffer severe losses because of wrong, insufficient and/or over organization, both in the development and the acclimation processes. Enterprises that change and rapidly develop in the recent years according both to the marketing conditions and the technological changes and developments, need to progress their organizations more than ever.


Kutvan Project Group provides modern solutions to the companies as follows
1.  Analysis of the Present Organization (Stating the problems of the present organization and the sources of these problems).

2. Strategical Planning

- Analysis of the Global Factors

- Determination of the Weak or Strong Sides of the Company and the Proficiency Analysis of the Present Sources

- Evaluation of the Strategical Alternatives

- Developing Appropriate Organization Structure According To Growth Expectations Of The Company


3. Changes That Should Be Performed according to Market Conditions during The Job Flow Process.


4. Determination of the Boundaries of the Terms of References, Authorization and Responsibilities of the Organization Units


5. Planning and Application Support for the New Organization Model Offer

Investment Planning and Improvement– Project Management


The optimal planning of the investment projects that are means of a country’s economical progress has a critical value. Therefore, the fixed capital investments that are realized away from the scientific and professional point of view, would face the danger of incapability. The most important factor in productivity research in fixed capital investments is the examination of the investment, processing and marketing targets in the scope of planning and predicted criteria and thus providing the unity between the investment, processing and marketing targets in every step of the investment process. Most of the investments have failed to get their expectations in profitability and productivity because of mistakes in marketing researches, feasibility or project management.


Kutvan Project Group provides consultancy services as follows to the investor companies:

1. Feasibility Examination and Profitability Analysis

2. Investment Process Organization and Computer-aided Project Management (CPM Analysis)

3. Preparation of Company Portfolio including Alternatives for Purchasing Decisions during the Investment Period

Special Training Services

The most important and determinative characteristic of our age is the qualitative and the quantitative intensity of information that is produced and converted worldwide. It is not possible for the individuals or organizations to satisfy our age’s requirements by any information or behavior out of this intensity.


This is the age of reinvention of the individual. Kutvan Project Group organizes training seminars oriented to the activation of the relationship between the individuals and the organizations and to the productivity and activities of them. It organizes workshops, conferences and seminars improving the total productivity of the sectors which are in input-output relation with each other.


The training seminars and special training organizations can be classified mainly as follows:

1. Management and Management Progressing Seminars

2. Organization Culture Seminars

3. Sectorial Seminars, Conferences and Workshop Organizations

Research, Planning & Consultancy
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